SaaStralia 2023

Network, connect and have fun with Kiwis and Aussies who are attending Saastr Annual in San Mateo. We are back again with the second SaaStralia tour and we'd love you to be a part of it. SaaStralia is a platform for the visiting ANZ Saas community to connect before, during and after the event.

SaaStr Annual is where 12,500+ SaaS executives, founders, and VCs will come together for the world's largest Saas community event.

SaaStr Annual 2023Check out the site here

Event Snapshot
Event Snapshot
Event Snapshot
What to expect?

Here's a taste of what's was part of the tour last year…

  • Discount off the SaaStr ticket price
  • Pre-tour meetup
  • Welcome reception with Aussies and Kiwis
  • Austrade Lunch & Learn
  • Professional and social tours
  • Post-event meetups


Awesome deal
Who is behind SaaStralia

Last year was simply AMAZING. The first time we attended Saastr in 2019 we met Aussie and Kiwi founders randomly and briefly, and the connections didn't really stick. Organising the tour last year was a completely different ball game. Wondering where to grab lunch? Missing a session and want the notes? Looking for directions or help with the agenda or satellite events? The Saastralia WhatsApp group's got you.

For us at CAPITAL-e, it’s about developing a community around this incredible event. A chance for us to synthesise the information and learnings that we take from each day and make them relevant to our region. We got so much out of going previously and we think we can turn that into something even more valuable.

And so SaaStralia was born.
Why are we doing it?

We've been to Saastr before. The resounding feedback from other attendees was that the content was amazing. In speaking to other Aussie attendees, there's a sense that building a tour would create a wonderful community around supporters of Saas: execs, founders, VC's and so on.

We've built communities before, around a local Cloud gathering of hundreds of enthusiasts, and around a marquee USA event held by one of the world's biggest Saas companies for it's customers and partners (our tribe for this exceeds a thousand amazing humans from APAC).

When we say we, we mean that in a catalytic sense. It's friends and members of the community and the connections they make and the growth they experience through their own contributions and efforts that really add impetus to something like this. We'd love to hear your ideas on how to make this amazing.

Help us build a community that works for us all

We have some ideas. But what THE TOUR becomes will depend on what the tour wants. So feel free to give us your thoughts and ideas.

That's you. A bunch of early stage companies among us? Let's organise pitch fests to US-based VC's. Enough Saas companies among us targeting a particular vertical? Let's try get a bunch of prospects into a room. A skew towards a particular function such as product or marketing? Let's get exclusive time with the best speakers on topics of interest. You get the picture.

The "other" tour we run includes networking lounges, trips to Napa and so on. So, hop on board and help us build something that works for you too.

Downtimer until SaaStr 2023!


Enjoy highly discounted ticket prices for the world's biggest and best Saas conference

Plus other awesome benefits when you join the Ozzie tour to San Jose with SaaStralia.

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SaaStr Annual is awesome.

  • 12,500 Cloud and SaaS Founders, VCs, and Execs.
  • 3 full days, 100's of workshops, and 1000s of Mentoring sessions.
  • 300+ Speakers from world-leading SaaS Companies.

All to help you scale faster.
We know because we've been.

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Get on Board
So what do you need to do to get on board?

Simply email us to get access to the discount code and to be added to the tour. That's it! We'll then keep you up to date with announcements and developments as we grow the delegate list and get set for the fun. We look forward to having you on the first ever SaaStralia.